Tell the World Who You Are & What You Have to Offer

Branding & Design Services for Non-profits & Small Businesses

Discover your unique BRAND and define your MESSAGE.

Identify your AUDIENCE and the ideal strategy
to reach them.

Develop a MARKETING PLAN that communicates your message to your audience.

Create compelling PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS that represent your brand, capture your audience’s attention and communicate your message.

Design a high-quality WEBSITE to serve as the "front-door" to your business.

REFRESH your existing brand, website and promotional materials to maximize clarity and effectiveness.

Present your amazing work to the world in a clear, concise and creative way to grow your audience and make your business more successful.

Why birds? Birds are graceful, powerful and efficient. They are messengers. This bird is the Chickadee. Chickadees are fearless and deeply curious. They have a signature voice in their distinctive song. Like sl BRANDING: design & the amazing businesses I am priveleged to work with: chickadees are small, but they have tremendous heart.

“Since Sarah is herself a performing artist, she completely understands what it takes to give artists the best-looking and most effective online profile. Her rare combination of marketing savvy, artistic integrity and compassionate creativity make her a collaborative colleague more than a paid consultant/designer."
- Wayne A. Gilbert, teacher/performer/poet