What is Branding...

...and why do I need it?

Your brand needs to embody the authentic and distinctive personality of your business. sl branding: DESIGN can tap into the passion and determination you have for your work to inform and inspire your brand – and in turn inform and inspire your customers.

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one service over another. Design is essential but design is not brand." - Seth Godin, writer, former Yahoo! Marketing VP

"Branding is the visual and conceptual identity of an offering; both a look and a persona that guides what it does, how it does it and how it talks about it." - Will Wiseman, Pres. of Strategic Communications, PHD Media

brand (verb)
1. mark with a branding iron. mark indelibly.
2. the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol and/or design that identifies and differentiates a product/service from other products/services

Branding Basics

sl BRANDING: design supports you every step of the way in establishing your Brand and utilizing it as a tool to build your business

Be Yourself.
Nothing is more convincing than truth and authenticity. Be honest with your audience about who you are and what you do – that personal connection will go further than bells and whistles.

Stand Out from the Crowd.
What is special about you and what you do? Communicate to your audience why they absolutely cannot miss out on what you have to offer and how it is different from everything else out there.

Be Recognizable.
Create a look and style for all promotional materials that represent your brand and will make you recognizable to your audience.

Keep it Simple.
Say what you have to say in the simplest most concise way possible, while assuming the person reading it knows nothing about you.

Know your Audience.
Who is your current audience? How can you keep them engaged? Who else are you trying to reach?

Know your Competition
Stay connected to what your competition is doing and make sure your branding stands out. Research local, national and global artists whose offerings are similar to yours and see what ideas it sparks for your own presentation.

Leave Them Wanting More.
Social media and internet marketing have a lot of low cost options that can be effective in spreading the word, however, they have also created a much more crowded world where your audience is barraged with information. Therefore, your message needs to not only stand out, it needs to spark the interest of your audience enough for them to pay attention. Only speak out when you have something specific and worthwhile to say.

Rinse & Repeat.
It takes multiple impressions for your audience to pay attention, absorb the information and be motivated to take action. Find creative and diverse ways for your audience to see your message over and over until it takes hold.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”
- Martha Graham, legendary dancer/choreographer

Connect with sl BRANDING: design today to translate the unique expression of your business into an effective promotional tool.

"The thought of developing a website and marketing materials is daunting and overwhelming unless you have Sarah Leversee guiding you through the process. After doing a market analysis, Sarah began developing a unique understanding of our business through research and personal interviews. She walked me through step by step and captured exactly what we wanted our families to know about our preschool.”
– Kim Mesa, Director, Lakewood United Methodist Preschool