the dedicated and passionate people I am priveleged to work with

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Performing Companies
  • Arts Organizations
  • Human Services
  • Schools

Small Businesses

  • Studios: Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts
  • Healing/Therapeutic Centers
  • Coffee Shops and Restaurants
  • Start Ups


  • Artists, Performers
  • Bloggers
  • Healers: Acupuncture, Massage, Counseling
  • Personal Projects


“I knew nothing about blogs, how to set one up or how to maintain one when I embarked upon my journey to pen my own blog. Luckily I enlisted the help of Sarah Leversee who made everything so simple. She was able to help take the picture that was in my head and make it a reality on my blog site. She taught me how to maintain the site and before I knew it I was master of my own domain! Sarah’s professionalism and patience made me feel comfortable, confident and successful.”
- Samantha Gilbert, writer, Happiest Kid in the World blog

“Through my transition to help grow my business and keep it thriving, I hired Sarah to help me create an updated brand and look. Sarah helped me find the best resources to place ads with the best audiences for what I offer. The brochures, postcards and business cards that Sarah created for my business gave that extra bit of originality and niche to really make them stand out and make people pick them up.” - Monica Augustine, Wildflower School of Voice

Sarah Leversee transformed our tired, frustrating website into one that is intuitive, creative and informative. Ms. Leversee was so easy to work with as she guided our way with her knowledge and skill. She was always persistent, timely and open to questions and changes. Now we have a powerful bridge between our business and the community!” – Chief Operating Officer, Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council

“Sarah’s attention to detail and ‘getting it right’ is one of her strengths, as well as her responsiveness to my requests. I am continually impressed by her organizational talents and ability to juggle multiple tasks. She meets every deadline given to her, regardless of circumstances she makes it happen.” – Executive Director, The Dairy Center for the Arts

The thought of developing a website and marketing materials is daunting and overwhelming unless you have Sarah Leversee guiding you through the process. After doing a market analysis, Sarah began developing a unique understanding of our business through research and personal interviews. She walked me through step by step and captured exactly what we wanted our families to know about our preschool.” – Kim Mesa, Director, Lakewood United Methodist Preschool

“sl BRANDING: design helped our organization upgrade our website and promotional materials to match our unique organizational strengths. Sarah listened to our needs, offered design materials that helped us make a stronger visual impact, and helped our customers navigate a more beautiful and easy to understand website.” – Keith Arnold, President, West Side Live! Presents

“Since Sarah is herself a performing artist, she completely understands what it takes to give artists the best-looking and most effective on-line profile. Her rare combination of marketing savvy, artistic integrity and compassionate creativity make her a collaborative colleague more than a paid consultant/designer.” - Wayne A. Gilbert, teacher/performer/poet

Sarah is a true renaissance woman. Fortunately for the rest of us, she is eager to share her myriad talents. I have especially appreciated her skills as a facilitator for our monthly arts leaders meetings. It's not easy to keep such a group on task but Sarah does so with intuition, subtle directness and kindness.” – Charlotte LaSasso, Executive Director, Boulder County Arts Alliance

"When I think of design, I see creativity, color, purpose. When I think of branding, words like unique, relationships, and recognition flash through my brain. Sarah Leversee is all of that, from start of day to end of day. She gets it. She delivers it; each and every time.” – Yvonne DiVita, Board of Directors, Art as Action

Present and Past Clients