sl BRANDING: design: is committed to providing high-quality, customized branding and design solutions to a wide variety of organizations and individuals at affordable rates.

The VISION of sl BRANDING: design:

To promote and nurture a growing community of people doing good work and enhance their ability to do that work creatively, efficiently and effectively.

The MISSION of sl BRANDING: design:

To provide a passion for design, an innovative approach to branding and a high level of communication and organization skills to a multi-faceted, creative and socially minded client base.

"When I think of design, I see creativity, color, purpose. When I think of branding, words like unique, relationships, and recognition flash through my brain. Sarah Leversee is all of that, from start of day to end of day. She gets it. She delivers it; each and every time. – Yvonne DiVita, Board of Directors, Art as Action